Bodyworks Health Clinic

Bodyworks Clinic

The Bodyworks Health Clinic

We´re teaming up with only the best: “The Bodyworks Health Clinic”.

The Bodyworks Health Clinic is a unique concept for health care in the Marbella, the Malaga area of Andalucia in the South of Spain. The building has been custom designed by our Health Clinic Director Estelle Mitchell de Courcy.  The clinic provides a cool peaceful and calming experience in all of the six large, airy well equipped treatment rooms.

They have invested in the most up-to-date technology and precision tools to help our patients get faster and more effective results from their treatment. You will find at The Bodyworks Health Clinic a combination of traditional hands on experience and modern technology. This means a higher success rate and reduces the chance of re-occurrence.

Their goal is to help you feel better as quickly and easily as possible. To do that you need a proper, careful and accurate diagnosis followed by qualified, expert treatment. They have a passion for avoiding unnecessary surgery, injections and drugs, and are educated and qualified on the most effective non-surgical options.

We are very proud to work together as a team with The Bodyworks Health Clinic. You will appreciate why we wanted a health clinic with an excellent reputation, to be part of our concept and team.

Have a look at their website & read some of their excellent articles.  Decide for which services they can provide to improve your future health too.The-Bodyworks-Health-Clinic

Why not stay a bit longer in Andalucía and book effective treatments for your future health?  Why not improve your overall health & well being? There are daily options and weekly programmes. Extend your holiday in the best possible way. We are here for you to help you choose treatments and even advice you on what would be best for you.

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