A typical day at Fitness Boot Camp Marbella.

One of the highlights of your Fitness Boot Camp Marbella Holiday are the sunrises. They are extremely beautiful here on the coast, especially in Autumn and Winter.

The views in these seasons are amazingly clear for instance, all the way to Gibraltar & even Africa.
As a result of the colder weather,  the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, they can look as near as if we can “walk” towards them.

Our schedules are changing per Fitness Boot Camp Marbella holiday, Wellness Retreat and also our Triathlon Training Camps.  Once booked, you have a big say in this as well. Every Fitness Boot Camp Marbella holiday is personalised and no Fitness Boot Camp Marbella Holiday is exactly the same.
Fitness Boot Camp Marbella
TYPICAL DAY of a Boot Camp Marbella Xtreme
(High Fat Burning Level):

07.00 Morning Power Walk/Run/Tai Chi
08.00 Breakfast
08.30 Circuit Training /Endurance Training/TRX/Kettle Bell
09.30 Power Pilates
10.30 Recovery Snacks & Drinks
11.00 Strength Fitness Boot Camp Marbella Training
12.00 Recovery Drink / Free Time / Treatments
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Cycling-Mountain Biking / Boxercise / Krav Maga
15.00 Stretching Class
16.00 Recovery Snacks & Drinks
17.00 Free Time / Treatments
18.30 Dinner prepared for Boot Camp Marbella Extreme burned calories
19.30 Free time / Treatments or Power Walk at the Beach
20.00 Yoga / Tai Chi / Mindfulness
21.00 Free time and we recommend an early night

Fitness Boot Camp Marbella
TYPICAL DAY of a Wellness Retreat
(High Relaxation & De-Stress Level)

07.00 Morning Chi-Walking (optional)
08.00 Breathing Technics
09.00 Healthy Breakfast
10.00 Activity /Training
11.00 Recovery Snacks & Drinks Break
11.30 Yoga /Pilates
13.00 Healthy Lunch
14.30 (Power) Walk in the beautiful natural parks of Andalucia
16.00 Free time, or enjoy a Massage, Treatment or Relaxation time in the SPA
18.30 Dinner Welcome Drink, (appetizer, which helps to digest and absorb nutrients better)
19.00 Dinner
21.00 Yoga / Mindfulness /Breathing Technics (optional)
22.00 Sleepy Relax Herbal drink/teas
22.30 Good night / Free time
(You can even change/add Activity hours, Detox Days & Treatments)

With the above examples, we hope you got the idea of what could be possible. But once again, these are just examples of our Fitness Boot Camp Marbella Holiday. We personalise all of the Fitness Boot Camp Holidays and therefore we got the “Above & Beyond” status. Come and join us, be spoiled, get superb results and learn how to benefit at your home too from your Fitness Boot Camp Marbella Holiday.

Just some ideas for Add-on options: Canoeing, Padel Tennis, Kayak, Padel Surf, Kite Surfing, Cycle Tour, Dancing, Swimming Tips & Tricks, 5K – 10K Training Course, Skiing, Chi Running and – Walking, Horse Riding and so much more. Just ask us and we can add a certain activity/sport you´d like to experience or extend your possibilities with.

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