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Fitness Holiday Spain?

Fitness Holiday Spain, set in near Europe´s hotspot Marbella, has everything you need to revitalise, shape-up and de-stress. To clarify, working towards the best & improved version of you, work out ànd relax. With Fitness Holiday Spain you find all of the motivation and encouragement you need to kickstart your new healthier lifestyle. Join for one week or stay as long as you prefer and experience a total fitness transformation.

Fitness Holiday Spain, best things to remember

Why TFHC -Concept Fitness Holiday Spain?

Marbella as the location of our Fitness Holiday Spain is just a little bit special. Marbella is known to be a very popular holiday destination for its sunny climate, luxurious lifestyle and stunning landscapes. It’s also an exceptionally good place to run wellness, boot camps, triathlon training camps & fitness holidays in Spain. Marbella with her special charm, luxurious lifestyle and trendy Californian health vibe, makes Fitness Holiday Spain an exclusive attractive fitness break!

This gives us great opportunities to do exceptionally fun, effective professional workout sessions. However all outdoors in a beautiful natural environment.

Training sessions can vary, we take you to the green areas, at other times you’ll be in the national park or super cool at the beach workout sessions. Afterwards, you can dip into the Mediterranean after a hard training session!

The team at Fitness Holiday Spain

Our team at Fitness Holiday Spain is not all about working out & being active.  Above all, it’s important to de-stress and enjoy the fun social atmosphere you get from these types of holidays.

We are well-known for our super supportive atmosphere and very conducive to reaching your wellness & fitness goals, without feeling like it’s hard work.

At the end of the day of your Fitness Holiday Spain, your healthy personalised dinner is ready to enjoy.  However, another option is to go out and explore the healthy restaurants in the Marbella area. Not to mention the beautiful raw nature, beaches, on the other hand maybe explore the excellent shopping experiences of Marbella.  Or you might as well take full advantage, above all you are here to spoil yourself and book some extra massages and SPA experiences!

TOP Villa´s available upon your request

We feel that for our VIP (group) Fitness Holiday Spain, Exclusive luxury and Excellent comfort is crucial.
Joining your choice of (intense) training & activity programmes can be exhausting at some points to ensure great results. For this reason, on request, you can choose for your VIP groups of 6 or more comfort in 5* star mansions. These are are all located near and around Marbella in secluded areas and tranquil gated communities.

For budget groups and if you book for one person (VIP) Fitness Holiday Spain, you have the choice of our hand-picked 4-5* hotels. Click this LINK to explore them here)  Here tranquillity is melted into the sounds of the ocean & nature. We have chosen our 5* mansions for our Bespoke VIP All Inclusive Fitness Holidays Spain, based on cleanliness, service and above all location. As a result there all in peaceful locations, with views to die for and gardens to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

fitness holiday Spain top villas

Book your Bespoke 5* All Inclusive VIP Fitness Holiday Spain and you have the option to stay in some of the most stunning and prestigious top villas, mansions or of course our hand-picked hotels.  Our mansions leave nothing to your imagination. All are spacious, the gardens are lush, green and the pools so relaxing. Imagine, your stressful life back home, maybe even as a CEO or you have a managing demanding job position? These mansions give you an amazing feeling of pure energy and a zest for life.

The relaxed atmosphere combined with Luxury

The schedule will give you enough time to savour the relaxed atmosphere and luxury you deserve. Why not have a look at what we mean with Exclusive Fitness Holidays Spain?  Beside what we offer, we´ll make sure to provide the best in health and activities, safe & effective carried out by our experienced and high qualified team of trainers.


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