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Marbella Fitness Holidays, Boot Camps, Wellness Retreats(Yoga-Detox-Weight Loss) & NEW now also Triathlon Training Camps.

Our TFHC Marbella Fitness Holidays, Boot Camps & Wellness Retreats are famous to let men & women achieve their personal wellness goals. Because of our unique approach, philosophy, training concepts and nutritional programmes, we can assure you, therefore, achieving excellent long-term results.

The reputation of TFHC Marbella Fitness Holidays & Boot Camp Team is second to none.

Important to know is that we are unique in what we offer and how we take care of you. No other boot camp, fitness holiday or wellness retreat offers the same quality of training, balanced nutrition and dedicated approach to your fitness & well-being. Always personalised to the person and as a result, even when booked as a group. In addition, we will help you reach the wellness goals you always wanted, in a shorter period of time.

Triathlon Training Camps

Finally, our newest edition is our Triathlon Training Camps with Tine Holst, Ironman Champion and other professionals (AWA Silver qualified). (Ironman Marbella). For more information about our  Triathlon Training Camps, see our Triathlon Camps or please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and get your personal quote without any obligations!
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You have found the award* winning TFHC Marbella Fitness Holiday & Boot Camp Team on the Costa del Sol.
Our mission is to deliver more than we promise and therefore we say; “Marbella Fitness Holidays – Above & Beyond”. Our team of top trainers are fully qualified in all areas of physical training. Besides that, very experienced in creating the long-term results you wanted for so long. Their knowledge and experience ensure you to achieve the best possible results in a short period of time. They all know exactly how to inspire, motivate and how to let you succeed.

The Concept of TFHC

We have experienced that your results are achievable and sustainable because of our newest TFHC concept. This is based on our famous 3 pillars: Nutrition, Activity and Mind-Set. Your experience with us will also play a huge role in developing a new inner strength. We will inspire you, to achieve your wellness goals, as well as achieving more success in your normal day to day life. Because of these combinations, you´ll gain and increase confidence. This will improve all aspects of your body & mind and therefore you will feel reinvigorated with a new zest for life.

TFHC Marbella Fitness Holidays suitable for everybody.

We cater for all ages and all levels. Meeting new people and achieving results are equally important as having FUN!  Having groups and corporate team building events are great but cater to VIP (solo travellers) is a whole different story and we have that covered too. Have a look at our page “Book Here”, fill in the form with your wishes and we´ll send you a personalised price quote. Or choose from dates of our BUDGET Marbella Fitness Holidays & Boot Camps in Marbella.

Famous 5* Mansions

As an extra option, we can offer when booking a private, very secluded 5* mansion, your own TOP Personal Chef. Then your everyday Lunch & Dinner is made with love and mostly with “Organic”  but as long as it is local produce. This to ensure our famous healthy, tasty and balanced meals. These deliver your superb results at the end of your Marbella Fitness Holiday, while we still respect the environmental values.

We do hope you get the feeling of why we think that the “Marbella Fitness Holidays, Boot Camp & Wellness Retreats is an experience to put on your bucket list and look forward to seeing you soon (again)!

* Luxury Travel Guide, “2018 & 2019 service & excellence award”

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