Marbella, one of the hot-spots of Europe.

Marbella the cosmopolitan area, is Internationally renowned as one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. Now becoming fast one of the hot-spots in the whole world, located on the coast of southern Spain. Formerly just a small Andalusian fishing-village which then turned into one of the most exciting holiday resorts along the Mediterranean coast. One of the favourite places of the rich, the famous, and … the fit (to be) people.

This centre of the Jet-Set and Show Business offers beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens. Let´s not forget those romantic narrow lanes in the best Moorish or Andalusian tradition. These give the city its unmistakable unique personality.

Marbella weather

Marbella, with a temperate Mediterranean climate that is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean sea. There are seldom weather extremes in the city, and the climate is moderate throughout the year. The average precipitation here is higher in winter than in most parts of the country. This explains why the city is so green.  The winters are mild and therefore a guarantee for unforgettable fitness holidays, boot camps & wellness retreats. Due to this micro-climate, the temperature can be 10 to 15 degrees higher than in the UK and most European countries. This makes year-round outdoor activities possible. We chose all of our activities to be outdoor to embrace the clean air and at the same time to stimulate your mindset. Although Marbella is very beautiful, the most important reason tourists come to this city, is the climate.

Marbella Nature

Nature-lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Blanca mountains, refuge and reserve of the agile “Spanish Ibex”. This mountain range is undoubtedly the most outstanding element of the Marbella landscape, with the towering peaks of La Concha and Juanar. The routes from Marbella to Juanar, or to La Concha, are for sure great options for hiking and climbing.

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