Fitness Holiday Nutrition, experience the wholesome deliciousness!

For our Fitness Holiday Nutrition, we use wherever possible Organic & Ecological products for our meals, as long as the carbon footprint is not compromised due to long distance. We prefer for our fitness holiday nutrition fresh & healthy from local produce vs. 100% organic all the way from eg. New Zealand. Our successful concepts do not promote or contain any starvation regimes. By changing “just food” into “wholesome tasty nutrition”, you will get quick and long term results while on holiday in Marbella.

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Adapt healthier food without much effort

Our nutritionists will explain how you can easily adapt healthier food without much effort. What good fitness holiday nutrition can do for your body, also will help you understand why we focus on this so much. Enjoy healthy food in a whole new, tasty nutritious way is part of our concept & lifestyle.

Healthy nutrition for the long run.

Carry on with our concept of healthy fitness holiday nutrition long after you’ve left is as important, then your experience with us here in Marbella. We are not into flashy short-term trendy diets. Our superb results are based on 20+ years of wellness coaching. Combined with pure local, mostly organic, healthy food and nutritional supplements. Our programme and supplements are used by top athletes around the world. The combination and some secret ingredients, give us those “talk of the town” results. We offer a superb “aftercare” plan with lots of fascinating achievable wellness goals and benefits. The effect of fitness holiday nutrition and so adding supplements is often necessary to achieve long term results. Let´s focus on how your body can actually burn more fat simply by using the right foods. With us, the promise is to get the best fitness holiday nutrition for your body possible.


Personalise Nutritional Habits

The major key is to personalise your nutritional habits. Therefore knowing that not everybody and not every body is the same, makes you understand this fact better. From day one you will experience our Fitness Holiday Nutrition programme. You will feel the difference quick by following your new food habits for several days. While your body has already started to cleanse, it will show the so wanted (even small) changes. Let´s not forget about the changes that have already taken place internally at the same time. Together we will focus on; no alcohol(this is an optional choice), no added (refined)sugar, regular blood sugar levels, increased energy levels, clearer complexion, tighter skin and not to forget an excellent mood & relaxed positive mindset.

Loyalty Memberships & Benefits

Our loyalty memberships are designed for a healthier future and they can offer you exclusive benefits. All information will be available to you towards the end of your 5* Marbella Fitness holiday or 4* Marbella Boot Camp Group Holiday. We created this Loyalty Membership because many people asked about how to stay in contact with us and how to book exactly the same again. We can help you adapt to your new lifestyle and achieve together long term results. All of what you ´ll learn & experience is specially designed for the start of a new healthier you! We like you to slowly change your lifestyle and nutritional habits. Our goal is to help you towards an active, healthier future.

Our holidays are 100% NON-Smoking. If you have problems with this “habit”, please ask us for our effective “stop smoking” DVD at least 4 weeks before arrival.

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Besides all of this, we look at the “carbon footprint” we leave behind and do our absolute best to leave an as small as possible print.

We can cater to any specific dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free, raw, lactose-free and any other intolerance that you might have.

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